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Back In Shape Chiropractic Integrated Therapy

Back In Shape is unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, Back In Shape Chiropractic emphasizes improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place. Most people would rather be healthy and avoid illness, if they could. This is one of the main reasons for the big surge in the popularity of preventive care and wellness. For some, Back In Shape Chiropractic will take them back to a place that is cozy and familiar, offering a rediscovery of health and wellness that had been previously known but long lost. For others, the journey may offer a new center, one never before experienced. People are recognizing the benefit of seeking an alternative to traditional medicine; one that will help them achieve and maintain optimal health. Please take the time to meet our doctor's, and team dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives. As a patient at Back In Shape Chiropractic we will personally tailor a wellness program specifically targeted to your wellness needs using the least invasive yet highly-effective techniques and services.

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'Holistic care is about more than just making pain or illness disappear. It is about caring for the mind, body, and spirit to improve quality of life.' Chiropractic care offers relief of pain by reducing tissue inflammation and spasm and restoring normal motion and flexibility. This can alleviate stiffness, headaches, back and neck pain. The care we offer also improves relaxation and impacts our self-awareness, coordination, sense of balance and well-being. We provide gentle and effective relief from the following acute or chronic conditions: * Neck Pain * Headaches * Lower Back Pain * Sciatica * Hip Pain * Sports and Overuse Injuries * Postural Imbalances * Motor Vehicle Accidents * Work Injuries In our office we utilize acupuncture as an adjunct to our chiropractic adjustment to help with many more severe or chronic problems. It can alleviate pain and reduces anxiety. Acupuncture uses thin needles to guide energy through the body in certain paths or meridians. Our certified therapists are experienced in techniques aimed at improving circulation, increasing flexibility, healing injured tissue, promoting relaxation, and regulating blood pressure and muscle tone. Experience the benefits of professional massage monthly to reduce stress, fatigue and achy muscles. Techniques provided include: Swedish,Pregnancy,Sports,Reflexology And Deep Tissue Massage If you are suffering Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy may be just right for you. Most major forms of insurance are accepted.


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As health practitioners, we understand that there's no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach to medicine. You are a unique individual and may respond differently to treatment than others. That's why we tailor a plan of care to treat you, your needs, and your specific medical condition. Pain Management Stop bearing the pain. We are dedicated to eliminating pain and the conditions that cause them. We're committed to using natural, non-pharmaceutical therapies proven to be both safe and effective.


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